What will a Certified CBData® Jumpstart Concierge do?

Certification Program Deliverables

What are the costs?

CBData® JumpStart Concierge Service

As we all know, it takes time to pull together all of someone’s information, let alone to enter it into a program. It can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. To help those who know they need to get organized but just don’t have the time, CareBinders, LLC has created a boutique service concept called the CBData® JumpStart Concierge, which creates strategic alliances between CareBinders, LLC and seasoned professionals, who are self-motivated, ethical, patient, detail-oriented, exible and friendly. The JumpStart Concierge Program oers the expertise of a Certied CBData® Jumpstarter professional to streamline compilation and organization of important files.

What will a Certied CBData® Jumpstart Concierge do?
Depending on the skillsets of the individual, a Certied CBData® Jumpstart Concierge will oer the following types of services, all utilizing CBData® as the exclusive foundation platform:

  1. Data input via WebEx, GoToMeeting, LogMeIn or some other web-based product, inputting non-condential client information onto client’s PC while client is on phone, with JumpStart personnel
  2. Onsite organization of a client’s home or oce, only for the purpose of collecting appropriate information in preparation for data input into CBData® and/or CBData® Pro, at client site, on client’s PC.